Free! Intro Exploration & Discovery – 31 Pages


With this free book, we want to give you a preview of the look and feel of our books, how they are structured, and the topics.


Exploration & Discovery is a fun and exciting way to learn new things about the beautiful world we live in!

With this free book, we want to give you a preview of the look and feel of our books, how they are structured, and the topics.

From the structure of the atom to the Big Bang, from cell organelles to the mysteries of evolution, from Galileo Galilei to Mahatma Gandhi… “Exploration & Discovery” will encompass it all!

Explore our selection of perfect books for anyone interested to learn more about the astounding world we live in!
With Quizzes and more!


Astronomy Book 1
– How many planets are in our solar system?
– Who is Neil Armstrong?
– How do rockets fly?
– Why do we think there was a Big Bang?
– …

Astronomy Book 2
– Who was Stephen Hawking?
– What is SpaceX and why Mars?
– Exploring the mysteries of a black hole
– …

Physics Book 1 
– What is light?
– Why do we see different colors?
– What is inside of an atom?
– Albert Einstein: Is time traveling possible?
– Exploring Matter and Energy

Physics Book 2 
Who was Isaac Newton?
What is electricity?
Renewable and non-renewable energy – Explained
String theory: The Theory of Everything
– …

Biology Book 1
How does our brain work?
– Anatomy and Organ System – Explained
– What is a cell made of?
– What is DNA?
– How many senses do humans have?
– …

Biology Book 2
– DNA and RNA – Explained
Charles Darwin: Evolution and human origins
– Cell organelles
– Heart and its functions
– What are chromosomes?
– …

Geography Book 1
– Our home: Earth
What is the highest mountain on Earth?
– Who was Nelson Mandela?
– Exploring
capital cities
– How many countries are there in the world?
How many world oceans do you know?
– …

Geography Book 2
Amazon Rainforest and its treasures
– Continents and countries
– Which country owns Antarctica?
– USA: The Grand Canyon

Anthropology Book 1
Physical, cultural, linguistic anthropology and archeology
Indigenous communities of the world
– What is Carbon-14 dating?
– Do we carry Neanderthals’ DNA?
– …

Anthropology Book 2
Who were the Vikings?
What is cuneiform?
How many ancient civilizations do you know?
– What is the origin of humans?
– Who was Julius Ceasar?
– …

Exploration & Discovery – Exploring this marvelous, mysterious world together and download this free book!


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